Unconscious City
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Unconscious City

Cloud Studio Spring 2018

Though many are newer, the pattern always stays the same: there is a plan for the neighborhood, an implimentation of that scheme, and then years and years of sameness to follow. Each neighborhood acts as a historical moment, frozen for the present to still experience. Each urban plan an innovative addition to the city, but then left to be what it was at the time of its origin. This framework for building a city naturally caused the city to be dated, as each neighborhood, while innovative at first, soon became a thing of past planning. With the preconception that the neighborhoods could not update or change, they were left to stay stagnant, as they were in their original form. This form of city growth and spraw is usually unsistainable, leaving holes in a city. Amsterdam however, maintained such a stead influx of population, that eveything remained filled, no matter the age, and often the neighborhoods were even thoroughly embraced. 

Amsterdam is now however at a new point. The consistent density and sprawl, ever unchanging througough the city, has left little land left for new growth. It is vital to find a new means of aquiring density. To do so efficiently, the next neighborhood needs to be able to adapt, to accomidate new populations, to change into the density and fabric that is needed in twenty, fifty, and two hundred years even. With that evolutionary quality, it lets the neighborhood not only sustain itself, but it also establishes it as the last framework needed for any neighborhood in Amsterdam.

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