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Chinatown MONTESSORI School 

Spring 2016


The project began with a rigid study of how Montessori schools function as an alternate and potentially evolving form of education. Based within Chicago’s Chinatown, the project was formed first externally by its interaction with the surrounding neighborhood for accessibility for the students, and then internally by the interaction of students to operable and varying spaces of learning. 

The resulting design is composed of a ground floor fit for community interaction with a large assembly hall and open flexible space (intended for open market and cafeteria)  all open to the students but secured from the educational spaces above. The second and third floor are then comprised of the educational spaces, separated based on age and needed social and operational instances, and then further enrichment rooms. 

program dispersal study
neighborhood relation studies
interior classroom program studies
initial form studies
initial form in context
form to program studies
plan ground plane
plan- third level
plan- second level
ground plan in context
elevation (west facing)
elevation studies
final model
final model
final model