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Kiel 2050
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Kiel 2050

Neveling Fellowship Summer 2018

The current moment is of great importance for developing how the Altstadt will be able to evolve and reinvent itself within the city fabric of Kiel. As a port city, Kiel now operates as a main cruise terminal for the Baltic Sea, but was bombed heavily during the second World War. The post-war reconstruction of the area left it disjointed from the city, and in the past twenty years, shopping malls and parking lots have taken over any redeeming qualities it had left. In two weeks, we worked on a quick development plan for the Altstadt that would render much more housing and accommodation for travelers, focus the city center on the public realm, and take back the shoreline that was long ago taken over by the cruise liners. Over the next 30 years, Kiel must make it a priority to address its place as a mid-sized city in the continually globalized world. Instead of opposing the forces of the cruise-boat industry that currently occupy the majority of the shoreline, spaces for the interaction between transients should be created, yet equally balanced with the spaces of local life and culture. 


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Proposed Kiel Altstadt 2050
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