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Bright Star Outreach Center
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Bright Star Community Outreach Center


The Bright Star Community Outreach Center is a project for the Bronzeville neighborhood that brings together education, counseling, and religious practice, as well as retail in order to help subsidize the non-for-profit functions. The project addresses the agency of religious practice in a building, climactic barriers in planning for public space, and a strategy for bringing the human scale into the design of the south side. The design scheme uses two layers of enclosure to create a passively-climatized zone that serves as the landscape on which the various functions of the center can situate themselves. This allows for the continually altering program of the center to adjust itself within the scheme and gives a sensitivity towards the place of religion alongside secular functions by limiting the architectural hierarchy of the church. The “Super Church” suggests the way in which a church’s can be translated architecturally into a space that serves to better the lives of those in its community.





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